Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A quiet night at my desk. I finally got a desk! I realize now that I am deeply attached to the idea and practice of sitting down, spreading out my work on a clean surface, and writing. I look out of my window and see a dark green valley. Avery does his homework behind me on a small green couch decorated with colorful tapestries and we fight over what music we should listen to. I can’t get over how much I adore this little routine.

And so I’ve started to write and edit my work from last year.

And I am learning each day both the pleasures and challenges of sharing my life with someone else. It’s a wonderful place to be with many lessons to learn. Communication, support, time apart, time together, are much harder to navigate and figure out then one might think. But tonight, with Av’s music playing, with the cool night air, and this wonderful desk, I realize how lucky I am. Our duo is strong. And I am celebrating my first night of writing at my desk!


chesne said...

What a wonderful window this blog is into your and Av's lives: I find it enormously comforting, almost as if I am there: seeing, hearing, even almost smelling (well, I won't go there...)
Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves this way.

theseus said...

There's a wonderful picture of Thornton Wilder at his desk (I believe Jill Krementz took it..), this beautiful old desk with a top as big as some of the beds I've slept on, replete with a globe, giant dictionary, and miscellaneous papers.

Yes, desks are nice.