Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's been a while.

Last night I went to a blogger's party in West Asheville with a co-worker. The gathering was made up of local bloggers from all over the city. It was an interesting event because everyone there was tied together by the internet. Writing online created a small, intimate community. 'Friends' who have commented on each other's blogs for months met for the first time.
In someones back yard, with stringed lights wrapped about the garden post, with a small fire blazing, people got together and talked about their writing. Most there were writing about their relationship with Asheville: how it's changing, how to have a stronger political presence on the community, and how to drink well and play hard in a mountain town.

Everyone introduced themselves with a question: "Are you a blogger?"
My answer was yes. But my blog is not political, argumentative, or necessarily trying to create community change. I couldn't help but reflect on why I began a blog in the first place. And, though there is no single answer to any question, I managed to find one. I started my blog to write. That's it. To find a space that's more than a journal. A place where I can share something about myself and my life in an informal way. And, to be honest, the small practice of sitting and writing, of telling a short story, does make a difference, if only to me.

Last night was a surreal evening for many reasons. But like every experience, lessons are learned, either about oneself or about others.

The journey down. I have been in Asheville for a month and I've been working here for three weeks. Most of the challenges I face are ones that I'd expect anywhere else: adjusting to a full-time job, learning how to branch out and find a community outside of school. How to make money, how to support myself financially and emotionally . Those are things are part of life and they happen no matter where we are. My choice to be here has changed so much for me on a day to day level- and yet I'm asking the same questions that I always have. This is Aiyanna in a new place, asking the same questions in a new way: learning slowly and everyday, who I am and who I want to be.

Cheers to the blog!


chesne said...

Your writing, as a blogger, ripples out to those of us who are listening, too. It is not just "more than a journal", different than a journal. We are here, listening. That makes it so different in an elemental way, it seems to me. You are heard, in a different way, a more immediate way.
I am listening. we are listening.

Ber-to-the-Key said...

Aiyanna! You should check out my blog. I have a link that leads straight to your blog. That way I will never have an excuse to not know what's going on in your life, blog-related or otherwise.
here's my site:

Ber-to-the-Key said...

by the way,
I'm really enjoying reading your experiences adjusting to your new surroundings in the south. You talking about your growing affection towards grits and spicy shrimp make me oh so happy.
I hope they teach you well down there.