Thursday, August 30, 2007

I made it to Asheville today.
The air in the mountains is so damp my hair has turned into a curly mess. There are crickets and critters (Avery says tree frogs!) chirping outside. The lullaby of the valley. We live on Blue Ridge, and this mountain is called Beaucatcher. The round house looks down and into a green valley. It is literally a round house. There are fireflies and insects singing in the rain.

Transitions are the hardest part. Flying on a plane is the most convenient way to get from point A to point B, but I'm not sure that's always a good thing. Traveling is an interesting space, between departure and arrive, and that space, to me, is an acclamation time. I often feel that there is great value in lugging your suitcases, leaving one place bound for another and in turn sacrificing a day to the Gods of journey-making. But planes can move too quickly. You could be in New York at 9 am clinging to your best friends shoulders and two hours later be in a completely new world. I feel as if I should have been on a plane for hours and hours- just to feel as if I was really going somewhere. I said goodbye to Harlem this morning and said goodbye to the best friends I've ever had. This goodbye, like many others, means that the routines of one life transform. I am here and welcome the change, but the goodbyes I've said are lingering in my body: I will miss my Harlem routines, and I will miss the routines that linked me to my friends on a daily basis.

Transition is the time it takes for the mind to catch up with the body.

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Cindy said...

Hey sweety! I am sitting on the wood floor of my apartment near the window because it is the one place I get internet. I haven't eaten all day and after a rather unsuccessful trip to Prince and Jamal's Organic Foods, which is new and not yet stocked, I have nothing but rice cakes and scones, and can't leave the house because my futon will be here between now and 9. I miss you terribly already...but it is nice to hear your voice in writing. Call whenever, when you are good and settled, or not. I will be here.
all my love,